Ducati Streetfighter price

A bike of real quality never comes at a cheap price. And the Ducati Streetfighter superbike is one that, sadly, comes under that definition. But if you are willing to splash the cash on a bike that possesses a wealth of features, has a powerful engine and a quite stunning design, then you cannot go wrong with the Ducati Streetfighter.

In the USA, the Ducati Streetfighter price is generally in the $15,000 bracket when purchased brand new. The USA can feel kind of lucky with that price though, as Europe generally has to pay a lot more than their American counterparts. The UK, for example, has to splash around the £14,000 mark (just a tad under $22,500) to get their hands on one.Second hand Ducati Streetfighter

But if those prices are a bit out of your price range, then a second hand Ducati Streetfighter bike might just be the solution. The Ducati Streetfighter price from a second hand dealer is commonly $1,000-$2,000 cheaper, although in some exceptional cases the price could be much cheaper depending on damage, usage etc. The price doesn’t drop by much even if it second hand in most cases, due to the aforementioned qualities a Ducati Streetfighter has, which is still very much a match with most bikes out there right now.

Ducati Streetfighter S

“Soul of a superbike. Attitude of a fighter.” That is how Ducati, the world famous Italian bike manufacturing company, describe their Ducati Streetfighter S superbike series in two short, swift sentences. Marketed as a superbike designed for the nightlife as an urban prowler, this innovative and, somewhat mysterious Streetfighter certainly packs a punch that leaves a lasting impression.

The innovation side of the bike is due to it being a ‘naked’ superbike that comes along with competition-level traction control – the first of its kind. And with the Ducati Traction Control (DTC), the Ducati Streetfighter S brings a level of intelligence rarely seen with any type of sports bike. The DTC can detect and anticipate how the Streetfighter is being ridden and, due to this, can maximize performance and enhance control by delivering varying amounts of fuel injection cuts and ignition retardation when anticipated and needed. This not only gives you a greater feeling of control, but can also, for example, take full advantage of your daily route to and from work! There is nothing like the feeling of being in total control of your bike and riding down the roads with calmness and comfort that this Streetfighter super bike can provide.

The Ducati Streetfighter S can also boast a powerful engine, with it being a more refined engine from the Ducati 1098 motor. This means that if you want a sudden boost of acceleration as you hurtle down the motorway, then the Streetfighter will inject that acceleration for you! And, amazingly, this innovative, powerful, feature-laden bike comes in at a little under 170kgs. This is not only an impressive stat, but is also another helpful hand in the speed stakes to give you that extra bit of pace you crave.

As with every Ducati available, you know that if you purchase a bike from them, you are getting something of genuine quality that can, in the majority of cases, boast a timeless design. The Ducati Streetfighter S isn’t any different and is a shining light (of many) from Ducati.

Here you can hear the “purr” of the engine.