Ducati Streetfighter

There was a time when motorcycle hobbyists were removing the fairing of their bikes to give them an aggressive look. Riding a naked sport bike seems to add an aura of toughness to the rider, but the main intention is to actually gain even a slight upgrade in terms of speed.

For the 2012 Ducati Streetfighter, no fairing is necessary. This latest road racer from Ducati Motor Holding comes out of the production lines as the Ducati Streetfighter 848. The new streetfighter is perfect for the intelligent rider whose priority is usability over swiftness. The small streetfighter is able to deliver this with its 195 hp engine, whose performance will give you the ride you have been longing for. This sleek sport machine is like the ever reliable Bumble Bee on two wheels.

To achieve confident driving in the streets where the 2012 steetfighter 848 will have most of its action, the 849.4 cc Testastretta engine is securely mounted in a stable frame that resembles the Superbike. The reduction in rake and trail is accentuated by the fully adjustable usd forks. The lower-spec suspension and Pirelli Diablo tires greatly help in filtering the vibration of rough rides.

New Features of the 2012 Ducati Streetfighter

The Sumo counterpart of the 2012 streetfighter is the 848 EVO Superbike. The two motorcycles are like twins if the compression ratio, as well as the bore and stroke, are dissected. The qualities that differentiate the 848 streetfighter from its more robust twin are:

  • The camshaft profiles and 11º of valve overlap.
  • The swingarm of the 2012 Ducati is made of aluminum that is cast in one piece and attached at the end of the trellis frame which is in turn attached to an adjustable Sachs shock. With these enhancements, a comfortable ride is realized.
  • As mentioned earlier, the unforgettable riding experience is partly due to the 43 mm. Marzocchi forks that have full adjustability.
  • DMH has thrown away ABS for the Ducati streetfighter 848 in favor of a full Brembo brake system which is enough to slow down this two-wheel landcraft.
  • For the front, soft-feel pads have been added to the four-piston calipers that press on the 320 mm. discs.
  • At the rear, a single two-piston caliper is enough that pushes on a 245 mm. disc.

The design team from motor holding s.p.a. seemed to gamble on this aspect, but they are the ones who know what is workable with their design.

Talk of the Town

There are bike reviews that have mentioned about the 848 streetfighter, but no one has come up with a comprehensive and detailed review of the new streetfighter. All they can muster is the 2012 Ducati’s resemblance with the evo. In Motorcycle USA, there is a brilliant Ducati streetfighter 848 review, which does not only laid out the technical ingenuity of the 848 streetfighter, but brings the reader right in front of the cockpit.

Here is the video review!

Hands-on Evaluation

During the actual test drive of the new streetfighter, the rider found the front panel, handlebars, and the seat to be really comfortable. The handlebars were raised 20 mm. to allow a more upright stance compared to the 1098. The pressure created on the wrists was said to be just enough even for longer drives. The linear power that was produced as the throttle is twisted was estimated to be from 2500 rpm to redline. Shifting from 1st gear to the 2nd was just like a walk in the park, but during a fast one, the front end dropped heavily. The twisting grunt coming from the twin shroud of the 2012 Ducati streetfighter motivates a rider to twist the throttle which responded instantaneously.

On the track, the Diablo rosso corsa was in for the ultimate friction test and its reputation for a tight grip on the road did not fail the whole machine assembly. It was observed to stick like glue. It perfectly blended with the power of the brakes as the sintered pads slowly increase the bite with each pressure. After the swift track session ended, the rider felt a strange bond between him and the 2012 Ducati streetfighter 848. He felt that the he needs additional time to spend with this new toy for the boys… and girls.

The Ducati streetfighter price will never be far from its counterpart. The Superbike 848 Evo was marketed at $12,995 and the dark version at $13,995. Bike reviews are saying that Ducati could have a hard time marketing the 848 streetfighter because it has to balance the pricing with its Superbike counterpart. Another big consideration that has to be weighed is the fact that the Monster 1100 Evo is only retailed at $11,995. This is a dilemma that they are facing at the moment.  

The Drawbacks

With all the hype about the mechanical technology poured into the Ducati streetfighter 848, it is sad to say that God did not make it. One of our rider’s boots was damaged because of interference from the shroud. It tends to cramp a rider’s right heel as the ball of the foot is placed on the peg. When the 848 streetfighter encountered a mid-sized heave on the pavement, some squirm was induced. This showed a slight weakness in the suspension. However, it is believed that the fully adjustable usd forks can lessen if not eliminate the squirm.

In the introduction of the 2012 Ducati streetfighter in 2008, Ducati motor holding has stated that the core qualities of their new design are “faster, lighter, and deliver quicker lap times…” Their main objective is to reinvent the Superbike to catch the attention of a new generation of riders and adapt to the changing market trends. For the three objectives, Ducati has truly done a fantastic undertaking. The job they have done can be likened to transforming a fat, talentless boxer into a lean and mean dynamo like Manny Pacquiao.


The design team has succeeded in their pet project, but streamlining has its pros and cons. However, the 2012 streetfighter 848 has only minor hiccups considering the technical considerations that were involved in the planning stage alone. Producing what is on the drawing board is another exciting anecdote that could be discussed with amazement. For now, the immediate task for riders is to mount the yellow tough dynamo and feel the refined power and the feather-like lightness as it floats in the breeze.

Critics have been lavish with their praise of the Ducati Streetfighter and it certainly lives up to its reputation of Streetfighter culture which began in Northern Europe in the 1970s. It’s great and reliable bike but still it’s always good idea to have motorbike breakdown cover just to be on the safe side!

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